Toledo Junior Golf Association

Freqently Asked Questions

1. Q. What is the Toledo Junior Golf Association?

A. The TJGA is a non-profit organization that was established in 1973 to give junior golfers from ages 12 to 18, an opportunity to gain tournament experience in a competitive playing environment.

2. Q. How do I join the TJGA?

A. Membership registration opens the first week in March. You are able to signup online at Complete all of the required information and your membership application will be processed immediately.

3. Q. Will we only be able to join the TJGA online?

A. Yes. Internet signup is the preferred method of membership signup. We are working with a secure site, which offers many additional services and features that you can take advantage of. We believe that after using the online membership signup, you will quickly become comfortable with the site. If you have any further questions, please feel free to call us at 419-740-2076 or email us at

4. Q. How long does my membership last?

A. Your TJGA membership is good for that calendar year.

5. Q. How do I sign up for a tournament?

A. Registration for tournaments opens April 1st of that year. You will have the ability to sign up for multiple tournaments. You will log into your Players club account using your membership ID and password. Tournaments available for registration can be viewed under the “Tournaments” tab. Select the check box for any/all of the tournaments you would like to join and click the register button.

6. Q. How do I know if I have been accepted into a tournament?

A. The TJGA does its best to accept every player into every tournament for which they apply. As the tournament registration deadline approaches, players will begin to be accepted into the tournament on a first come first serve basis. Should the number of players registered exceed the number of available spots; a waiting list will be generated using a first come first serve basis. You name will automatically be listed as a participant under that event on our schedule

7. Q. I missed a registration deadline, what can I do?

A. If you missed a tournament registration deadline, your only option is to register online for the tournament waiting list. If any spots are available in your players division they will then be added to the tournament field. We make every attempt to add players. However, when the tee sheet is full we have no choice but to close entries.

8. Q. Will I be able to check my scores and tournament pairings on the Internet?

A. Yes. We generate an email to all players regarding the tee time once they have be assembled. You will be able to check your scores, player of the year standings, tee times, pairings and results all from your computer by going to this website. There will a link available during the tournament to view "Live Scoring". Each group will have a device where they update their scores after each hole. You will be able to track all players during competition.

9. Q. What do I do when I show up to a tournament?

A. Players are required to check in at the tournament registration table when they arrive at the tournament course. It is recommended that players check in at least 20 minutes prior to their assigned tee time. At that time, the player may start their pre-tournament warm-up and be at the assigned tee time to receive their tournament scorecard and any further instructions. The player is responsible for any fees for range balls at tournaments. The TJGA does not provide range balls.

10. Q. How are points awarded for Player of the Year?

A. Your membership booklet includes a complete points guideline. It lists all of the point tournaments on our calendar and indicates which tournaments have points that count for Player of the Year. Please be aware that each tournament we give out awards to each age division, but points for Player of the Year are based upon the entire field (Boys14-18/Girls 14-18).

11. Q. I see that at the end of the 2019 TJGA schedule, it lists the Toledo Junior Golf Association Founders Invitational and I am unable to signup for it online. How do I enter it?

A. The TJGA Invitational is just that. It is an “Invitational.” The players that are invited are the top point earners from throughout the season. The event concludes that evening with a banquet for all of the Invitational participants at the Invitational site.

12. Q. Will any food or beverage be provided to the players?

A. Yes. We provide a meal at all of the golf tournaments we run. Usually it is a hot dog, bag of chips and beverage. It is still recommended that each player come prepared with his or her own water or snacks.

13. Q. My child is 12 years old and has been playing golf since the age of 7. Can he move up to the next higher division?

A. Yes. After two tournament wins (new to 2019), a 12-13 (boys and girls) division tournament earns the option of moving up to the 14-15 division to compete for the remainder of the season.* It is an option to move up. They choose which tournament to move up to and which to remain down. They are asked to contact the TJGA prior to that particular tournament deadline so that arrangements and tee times can appropriately be made. This exemption applies only to the 12-13 year old division. When competing in the 14-15 division they are eligible to earn points for Player of the Year Awards.

14. Q. What do I do if someone cheats in my group?

A. This is a difficult situation, but it is your responsibility to yourself and other members of your group to call him/her on the infraction. Inform an Intern and/or report the incident to the tournament director. DO NOT sign the card of the player until it has been resolved. It is the players responsibility to protect the rest of the field.