Toledo Junior Golf Association

Player of the Year Point System


The Toledo Junior Golf Association awards both a boys and girls "Player of the Year Award" each season.

FRANK STRANAHAN AWARD is awarded to the Boys Player of the Year

SHARON KEIL AWARD is awarded to the Girl Player of the Year

These awards are the highest honor a player can receive in the TJGA.

The Board of Directors of the Toledo Junior Golf Association has adopted a point system to determine the top 50 invitees to the TJGA Invitational. A player may be eligible to win these awards based up the point system along with the criteria (but not limited to) listed on this page.


  • Must compete in at least 4 (four) full field events and at least 1 (one) of the 4 events must be majors.
  • Total points accumulated (see below) over the season.
  • Private ballot of the TJGA Board of Directors.
  • Sportsmanship / Sportswomanship.
  • Knowledge and application of the Rules of Golf.
  • Proper golf course etiquette.
  • Dedication to the game of golf and the TJGA.
  • Respect for fellow competitors.
  • Honesty.
  • Respect for all the golf courses and their staff.


The following point system has been adopted by the Board of Directors of the Toledo Junior Golf Association to determine the invitees to the year ending event- The Toledo Junior Golf Association Invitational.*

*Points are based upon the entire field. (Boys 14-18/Girls 14-18)

TIES: When there are ties in the top three spots, every effort will be made to have an on-course playoff to determine which golfer wins that spot. If the course does not have room for us to hold an on-course playoff, a scorecard playoff starting at the #1 handicap hole will take precedent. The winner will earn the points for that spot.

Beyond that, if there are ties, points will be divided by the number of places. For example, if two people tie for 4th place in a regular event, you would add up the points for 4th and 5th places (210 points) and divide them by two. They each would earn 105 points. The next eligible point would be for 6th place.

No points will be awarded for the following tournaments:  Parent/Child


Since 1973 Toledo Junior Golf has played an important role in golf in the Toledo area. The organization has had many fine players who have come through this organization and gone onto major college and professional golf all over the country. TJGA has four events that have been the staple of the organization and truly brings the best players out to perform at their highest level. In the 36 year history of the TJGA not one player has won all four majors in the same season.

Become the first to hold the trophy of all four majors in one season!

Tom Taylor Memorial

City of Toledo Championship (2 day event)

PGA Northwest Ohio Championship (Founded 1971)

TJGA Invitational Founded (1973)

Tournament Points Chart

Place Regular Events Major Events
1 500 600
2 300 360
3 190 228
4 135 162
5 110 132
6 100 120
7 90 108
8 85 102
9 80 96
10 75 90
11 70 84
12 65 78
13 60 72
14 57 68.4
15 56 67.2
16 55 66
17 54 64.8
18 53 63.6
19 52 62.4
20 51 61.2
21 50 60
22 49 58.8
23 48 57.6
24 47 56.4
25 46 55.2