Toledo Junior Golf Association

Sharon Keil Girl's Player of the Year

As an amateur golfer, she has had a very rewarding and prestigious career.

  • Founder & Tournament Director of Babe Zaharias Classic, benefiting the American Cancer Society.
    Won the Toledo Women's District Golf Match Play Championship twelve times. At least once at every private club in
  • Toledo.
  • Won Toledo Women' s District Stroke Play Championship eleven times. At least once at every private club in Toledo.
  • Won Women's Ohio State Golf Association Match Play Championship twice (1970, 1973); Runner-up in 1983.
  • Won Women's Ohio Golf Association Stroke Play Championship twice (1984, 1986).
  • Won the inaugural Toledo Women's District Golf Association Player of the Year Award in 1991
  • Qualified and completed in numerous USGA events, including the USGA Women's Open, USGA Women's Amateur, and USGA Women' s Mid-Amateur.

This award is important to the TJGA and all aspiring junior girl players because it rewards a young lady for her exceptional performance and personal qualities of competition. It is also important that the award winner be humble, friendly to fellow competitors, and knowledgeable of the rules of the game.

This award signifies the hours of practice and self discipline that is required to be the best of a group of participants. It allows the TJGA to thank you, the winner, for being a good example to your peers and for providing the proper role model for the new players in the program.

At the banquet at the The Inverness Club, Kenzie Schroeder from Hicksville, Ohio was awarded the Sharon Keil award. With numerous wins and solid play, she dominated play. In addition to the TJGA Girls Player of the Year award,




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